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Genesis of People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA)

Ishok village was one of the hundreds of villages affected by construction of Ithai barrage at the confluence of the Manipur River, the Khuga River and the Ungamel channel in 1983, near Ithai village in Bishnupur. Construction of the barrage for hydro power generation led to submergence of approximately 10000 hectares of cultivable land and inhabited areas of the Ishok village (of total 80000 hectares in Bishnupur, Imphal West, and Thoubal districts). It has also caused annual recurrence of floods and submergence of the cultivable area with inflows of water from Merakhong River, Nambol River, Nambul River and back water from Loktak Lake. The flood water also brings in phumdi in farm lands of Ishok and neighbouring villages from upstream lakes - Sanapat and Naorem Utrapat. After construction of the barrage, flood water and prolonged submergence, along with phumdis, continued damaging standing crops and farms every year. Further, there were recurrence epidemics like malaria and waterborne diseases in the area.
Being affected and concerned of the new phenomenon, the youth of the village volunteered to initiate actions to reduce impacts of floods on agriculture and raise the issues of the village. This led to germination of the idea and forming a local youth club called ‘The Ishok Makha Young Development Club’ (IMYDC) by youth of the village in 1988. In 1995, the Governing Body of the IMYDC decided to rename the Club as People’s Resource Development Association (PRDA) and hence obtained the Society Registration Act. The Association also registered under section 12 (A) of Income Tax Act and FCRA. It is a non profit, non sectarian and secular organisation.
PRDA runs a ‘People credit and thrift project’ (PCTP) programme since 1999 -2000 with an objective to provide fair credit and thrift services to marginalized and deprived sections of the communities. It encourages active participation of women in income generating activities, facilitating empowerment of women through increased access to credit services through SHGs either directly from PRDA or bank linkage. As women in Manipur has been traditionally active in handloom, farm and trading activities, increased access to credit has facilitated increased engagement in production and small trading in the sectors mentioned. PRDA has been able to form 160 SHGs with 1500 women members. So far 900 women were provided credit and 750 women are gainfully self-employing. The credit and thrift activities were initiated with supports from Rastriya Mahila Kosh, Manipur Rural Bank, and Voluntary Health Association, Manipur since 1999-2000.
However, PRDA is still facing challenges in achieving empowerment of women as the social and cultural norms is patriarchal and thus society is yet to accept the change that PRDA envisages for gender justice.


About PRDA

It was originated from the Local Youth Club, ‘The Ishok Makha Young Development Club (IMYDC) which was formed by some like-minded and social services-oriented local leaders on 13th November, 1988.

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