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We have meetings on RTE involving Youth club and women collectives.

  1. Thanga Ngaram, 25/03/2018, Participating 12 male and 14 female
  2. Heinoubok Maning Leikai, 27/03/2018, Participating 3 male and 14 female

O. Raju Singh and Th. Bimolkumar Singh were the main talkers in the meeting and pointed children education is one of the challenges of poor family as high expenditure in the private school. It is time to think to get good education without much expenditure because indebtedness is increase day by day. We hope and dream for our children to be a perfect   to support us when we are old so we send them to private school expanding much money. It is time to thing without much expanding how to get good education to our children. Government School is only means, so we need to focus on it to improve the infrastructure, to increase the teacher including Rhymes, to conduct quarterly test and to change teaching methods. If we concentrate to the government school, our children will get quality education without expenditure as there are free books, bags, MDM, High quality teachers.

  • They have decided to look after the government school.

Area of Work

Developmental works of Scheduled caste areas, Women and Child rights, Health, Livelihood, Land & NRM, Rights and entitlements, and sustainable agriculture.

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It was originated from the Local Youth Club, ‘The Ishok Makha Young Development Club (IMYDC) which was formed by some like-minded and social services-oriented local leaders on 13th November, 1988.

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